DPT 7160 - Ethics and Leadership Summit

This course has two components: 1) a community work and learning (service learning) experience and 2) an integrative seminar experience in which the students will synthesize their prior coursework in physical therapy practice, health care ethics, clinical education, and community work and learning (service learning) experiences. Students receive didactic preparation for the experiential community work and learning (service learning) component the week prior to the immersion experiences. Using an active learning approach to ethical and servant-leadership issues, the seminar component will develop depth in applying theory and decision-making procedures to clinical, ethical, and social issues. Through small group work, discussion, and an "ethics around the lunch table" experience, the students will be challenged to demonstrate leadership in developing strategies for implementing ethical decisions within institutions, private practice, in professional organizations, and in the formation of public policy. The student will engage in focused reflection on his/her learning during the DPT Program and will draft a professional leadership plan. Issues related to transitioning from the student to the professional role will be explored through discussion with peers and DPT faculty.
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