DPT 7131 - Rehabilitation IV

Rehabilitation IV builds upon students’ prior course work with an emphasis on comprehensive integration and application of previous knowledge, skills and values related to the management of clients with neurological diagnoses both across the lifespan and the care continuum. Use of motor control theory, motor learning principles and current evidence to support and guide care plans will be emphasized. Pathology and management of patients with vestibular conditions, concussion, and mild traumatic brain injury are also addressed. Students will orally present a comprehensive community-based health care plan that addresses a specific community-based health care goal and serves as a capstone group project for the leadership/administration practice thread of the DPT curriculum. In addition, the didactic portion of the program’s service learning thread comes to conclusion in this course, in preparation for the experiential service learning component in the following semester. Prerequisite: Successful completion of second-year DPT courses.
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