DPT 7110 - Clinical Education III

Clinical Education III occurs at the beginning of year three of the DPT Program. The student is placed in one clinical setting, full-time, for eight consecutive weeks. The primary purpose of this clinical experience is to provide students an opportunity to utilize their developing skills in patient/client management, with a wide variety and complexity of patients/clients. Emphasis will be placed on integrating knowledge and techniques learned during the first two years of the DPT program. The student will deliver direct physical therapy services to patients/clients under the supervision of a physical therapist/s (clinical instructor/s). Students will be placed in an orthopedic outpatient, acute care, general practice (rural hospital), subacute/skilled nursing or inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation facility. The student will also have the opportunity to participate in learning experiences unique to the clinical site, such as observation of surgery, medical rounds, staff meetings/inservices, diagnostic tests and/or other services (occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, respiratory therapy, prosthetics/orthotics, etc). Prerequisite: Successful completion of second-year DPT courses.
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