DPT 6055 - Clinical Education II

Clinical Education II occurs in semester two of the second year of the DPT Program. The student is placed in one clinical setting, full-time, for 10 consecutive weeks. The purpose of this clinical experience is to provide students an opportunity to utilize their developing skills in patient/client management, with an emphasis on integrating knowledge and techniques learned during the first year and a half in the DPT program. The student will deliver direct physical therapy services to patient/clients under the supervision of a physical therapist/s (clinical instructor/s). Students will be placed in an orthopedic outpatient, acute care, general practice (rural hospital), subacute/skilled nursing, or inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation facility. The student will complete preliminary work for a case report, based on a patient seen during this clinical experience; the case report will be written during DPT 6060 Pediatrics. The student will identify a clinically relevant ethical situation during this clinical course (as assigned in DPT 6040 Outpatient II) that will be discussed in DPT 6060 Pediatrics. The student will also have the opportunity to participate in learning experiences unique to the clinical site, such as observation of surgery, medical rounds, staff meetings/inservices, diagnostic tests and/or other services (occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, respiratory therapy, prosthetics/orthotics, etc). Prerequisites: Successful completion of all prior DPT Program coursework. Successful completion of a healthcare professional level course in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Provide proof of immunizations as outlined in the DPT Clinical Education Handbook. Completion of state of Minnesota Background Study. Compliance with background study requirements for state in which student is assigned, if other than Minnesota. Compliance with any additional requirements of assigned clinical site, which may include drug testing or a national background check. Basic knowledge of HIPAA regulations. The student must carry health insurance (student is responsible for cost). Completion of Student Clinical Education Contract. Successful completion of the PT CPI Web training module (APTA website, Learning Center). Completed contact with assigned site prior to clinical experience. Completed requirements as stipulated by the assigned site prior to clinical experience. Read the site’s Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF).
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