DPT 5010 - Outpatient Physical Therapy I

This course integrates the basic sciences of anatomy, kinesiology, tissue biomechanics, muscle physiology and pathology with clinical skills pertaining to shoulder and elbow examination, evaluation and intervention in the outpatient orthopedic setting. Students practice application of physical therapy skills within the patient management model. Examination skills include observation, goniometry, manual muscle testing, palpation and special tests for the shoulder girdle and elbow. Interventions include basic massage techniques, physical agents, and an introduction to therapeutic exercise. Course content will emphasize the importance of sound psychometric properties of various outcome measures with the emphasis on measuring upper extremity function. Students will learn appropriate documentation using different formats. Students receive an introduction to pharmacology principles and medical screening. Learning activities will include lecture, lab, tu torial and case-based learning, student presentations and small group work. This course expands on the professional roles of the physical therapist in an outpatient setting. Prerequisite: DPT 5000.
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