DPT 5000 - Introduction to Physical Therapist Practice

This course introduces the student to the scope and history of physical therapist practice. The APTA Vision statement and Core Values will be key documents studied and discussed in this course. A model of physical therapy patient/client management will be introduced, with focus on skills that are essential for success in the field, such as accessing research literature, communication skills (including documentation), group work and teaming skills, professional behaviors, critical thinking and learning skills, cultural competence, leadership, and dealing with legal/ethical issues. A broad overview of the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems will be provided and study of the basic physiological principles relevant to the science of PT will be initiated. Anatomical foundations for understanding, describing, and assessing human movement will be introduced. Students will develop skills in observing normal movement and begin to appreciate deviations from normal. Functional assessment will be introduced, as students learn the range of tests and measures available to physical therapists. Students will be oriented to and will begin integrated clinical education (ICE). The course will conclude with a full day Leadership Symposium and White Coat Ceremony, at which time DPT students will take the Student Physical Therapist Oath. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the DPT Program; DPT Program prerequisite coursework.
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