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BIOL 1720 - Foundations of Biology II with Lab

This course is the second in a three-semester sequence of introductory biology courses. It is required of all biology majors and designed for students majoring in the sciences as well as those preparing for graduate school in the sciences or professional programs such as medicine, physical therapy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or psychology. BIOL 1720 is an introduction to biology from the perspective of cells---how molecules interact to organize the structure and function of cells and how the resulting specialization of cells produces functional organs and well-regulated organisms. The concepts will be constructed through analysis of biological processes such as cellular respiration, photosynthesis, signal transduction, plant protective mechanisms, basic inheritance of traits, and plasticity of organisms within environments, epigenetics, gene expression, and regulatory mechanisms. Broad questions and scenarios will highlight various aspects of biology, including medicine, evolutionary paths/adaptations, environmental connections, and structure-function relationships. Students will become proficient in a variety of cellular, molecular and physiological techniques and will learn how and when to apply them to answer biological questions. Class meets three hours a week for an exploration of biological concepts and three hours a week for laboratory experiences. Offered in the College for Women.Prerequisite: Grade of C- or above in BIOL 1710.
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