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BIOL 1110
Environmental Biology with Lab
BIOL 1120
Biology of Women with Lab
BIOL 1140
Race, Class, Gender and the Environment with Lab
BIOL 1710
Foundations of Biology I with Lab
BIOL 1720
Foundations of Biology II with Lab
BIOL 2200
Introduction to Microbiology with Lab
BIOL 2400
General Anatomy and Physiology with Lab
BIOL 2410
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology with Lab
BIOL 2420
Human Disease
BIOL 2450
Applied Microbiology with Lab
BIOL 2610
Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
BIOL 2620
Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab
BIOL 2650
Understanding Medical Research: Drugs, Devices and Complemen...
BIOL 2710
Foundations of Biology III with Lab
BIOL 2720
Sophomore Seminar
BIOL 2984
Topics: Introduction to the Mississippi River with Lab
BIOL 3100
Plant Biology with Lab
BIOL 3140
Comparative Animal Physiology with Lab
BIOL 3222
Cell Biology: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
BIOL 3224
Cell Biology with Lab
BIOL 3250
Histology with Lab
BIOL 3300
Evolutionary Biology with Lab
BIOL 3502
Contemporary Biology: Epigenetics
BIOL 3504
Contemporary Biology: Freshwater Algal Ecology with Lab
BIOL 4354
Molecular Biology: Animal Development with Lab
BIOL 4504
Advanced Contemporary Biology: Ecosystems and Global Change...
BIOL 4602
BIOL 4604
BIOL 4850W
Senior Seminar
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