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IMT 121
Interactive Media
IMT 122B
Graphic Arts Design B
IMT 122
Graphic Arts Design
IMT 122A
Graphic Arts Design A
IMT 125
3D Graphics Modeling
IMT 129
Digital Audio Recg And Editing
IMT 131
Color Theory And Design
IMT 132
Digtl Photography/Graphc&Media
IMT 134
Technical Musicianship
IMT 135
Music Theory And Composition I
IMT 136
Principles Of Animation
IMT 137
Drawing Basics
IMT 141
Typography Fundamentals
IMT 223
Digital Video Recording & Edit
IMT 227
3D Graphics Animation
IMT 230
Webcasting And Music Publishng
IMT 237
IMT 238
Advanced Video Production
IMT 239
Music Synthesis I
IMT 240
Advanced 3D Graphics Modeling
IMT 242
Lighting And Cinematography
IMT 243
Advanced Compositing
IMT 244
Digital Page Layout And Design
IMT 245
Graphic Arts Design II
IMT 246
Applied Music Technology
IMT 247
Music Theory Composition II
IMT 249
Textures for 2D and 3D Design
IMT 250
Music Technology
IMT 251
Authoring & Video Compression
IMT 253
Graphics For Illustration
IMT 254
Portfolio Development-Imt
IMT 255
Advanced Illustration
IMT 256
Digital Imaging
IMT 259
Music Synthesis II
IMT 260
Live Sound
IMT 261
Advanced Music Technology
IMT 262
Advanced Digital Photography
IMT 263
Photographic Lighting
IMT 264
Image Managment
IMT 265
Motion Graphics Portfolio
IMT 266
Film Theory And Practice
IMT 268
Advanced Video Editing
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