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AUT 121
Automotive Tech Skills
AUT 122
Automotive Sys And Eng Tec
AUT 123
Eng Diagnosis And Maj Serv
AUT 124
Vehicle Chassis Systems
AUT 125
Auto Elec'L And Acces Sys
AUT 126
Auto Hvac Systems
AUT 128
Automotive Diesel Engine Performance
AUT 171
Introduction To Honda Pact
AUT 172
Honda Engine Mechanical
AUT 173
Honda Steering And Suspension
AUT 174
Honda Braking Systems
AUT 175
Honda Electrical Systems
AUT 181
Intro To Cat Lift Trucks
AUT 182
Cat Operator Safety Training
AUT 183
Cat Service Information System
AUT 184
Cat Hydraulic Systems
AUT 185
Cat Internal Combustion Engine
AUT 186
Cat Masts And Lift Mechanisms
AUT 187
Cat Electrical Systems
AUT 188
Cat Steering Systems
AUT 189
Cat Braking Systems
AUT 191
Automotive Co-op 1
AUT 192
Automotive Co-op 2
AUT 193
Automotive Co-op 3
AUT 194
Automotive Co-op 4
AUT 221
Fuel And Emissions Mgt Sys
AUT 222
Engine Sys Per Diagnosis
AUT 223
Adv Auto Electronics
AUT 224
Auto Diesel Systems
AUT 225
Auto Drivetrain 1
AUT 226
Auto Drivetrain 2
AUT 227
Computerized Veh Control
AUT 230
Technical Project
AUT 233
Auto Diagnostic Applic
AUT 234
Alt Fuels & Adv Auto Tech
AUT 277
Honda Computerized Engine
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