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IPS 200
The Social & Economic Impact Of Artificial Intelligence
IPS 201
Managing Global Complexity
IPS 202
Topics in International Macroeconomics
IPS 203
Issues In International Economics
IPS 204B
Economic Policy Analysis for Policymakers
IPS 204A
Microeconomics for Policy
IPS 207
Economics of Corruption
IPS 207B
Public Policy and Social Psychology: Implications and Applic...
IPS 209
IPS 209A
IPS Master's Thesis
IPS 210
The Politics Of International Humanitarian Action
IPS 213
International Mediation and Civil Wars
IPS 214
Refugees in the Twenty-first Century
IPS 216
Making Things Happen in the Real World: Leadership and Imple...
IPS 221
Politics of Data: Algorithmic Culture, Big Data, and Informa...
IPS 224
Economic Development and Challenges of East Asia
IPS 227
Finance And Society For Non-Mbas
IPS 230
Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
IPS 231A
Russia and the West
IPS 235
European Security Since World War Two
IPS 237
Religion and Politics: A Threat to Democracy?
IPS 241
International Security In A Changing World
IPS 243
U.S. Policy Options in North Korea
IPS 244
U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia
IPS 245
Does Google Need A Foreign Policy? Private Corporations & In...
IPS 246
China On The World Stage
IPS 250
International Conflict Resolution
IPS 251
Cybersecurity: A Legal and Technical Perspective
IPS 255
Policy Practicum: Rethinking INTERPOL's Governance Model
IPS 264
Behind The Headlines: An Introduction To Us Foreign Policy I...
IPS 266
Managing Nuclear Waste: Technical, Political And Organizatio...
IPS 268
Hack Lab
IPS 269
Cyber Law: International and Domestic Legal Frameworks for C...
IPS 271
Climate Change Controversies: Past, Present, Future
IPS 280
Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and International Crimin...
IPS 281
Global Poverty And The Law
IPS 290
Practical Approaches to Global Health Research
IPS 298
Practical Training
IPS 299
Directed Reading
IPS 300
IPS Student-Faculty Colloquium
IPS 801
TGR Project
IPS 802
TGR Dissertation
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