SCE 3420C - Physical Science for Middle Grades Teachers

Prerequisites: CHM 1025 or passing the chemistry pretest administered by SPC Natural Science department. This course is a study of the fundamental concepts of physical science as part of preparation for teaching science in grades 5-9. General topics will include: Newtonian mechanics, force, motion, energy, momentum, magnetism, electricity, light, sound and gravity. Chemistry topics will include the nature of elements, compounds, and mixtures; chemical and physical properties of matter; chemical reactions and nuclear processes. Although knowledge of basic algebra and mathematical skills are required, the course is focused on the conceptual understanding of physical principles rather than on mathematical manipulations. An integrated laboratory component will stress the importance of evidence, observations, experimentation, logic, and argument, and provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting demonstrations and laboratory investigations in the middle school setting. This course is designed for majors in the Middle School General Science, 5-9 program, and addresses specific Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, and/or Common Core State Standards and pedagogy pertinent to the discipline and required for certification. 92 contact hours. Class Notes: Online Class.
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