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NU 300
Foundations of Prof Nsg
NU 301
Foundations of Prof Nsg Clin
NU 302
Essentials of Professions Nsg
NU 304
Evidence Based Practice NU- W
NU 311
Clinical Nursing Skills
NU 312
Clinical Skills Immersion
NU 325B
Health Assessment
NU 325
Health Assessment
NU 327
Patho Basis of Nursing
NU 327B
Patho Basis of Nursing
NU 332
Clinical Nutrition
NU 390
Sp Top -Assessment
NU 394
Directed Study
NU 395
Study Abroad Cultural Exp
NU 404
EBP & Informatics
NU 410
Concepts of Prof Nursing W
NU 412
Decision Making & Delegation
NU 414
Issues & Trends Healthcare -W
NU 422
Healthcare Leadership & Collab
NU 425
Hlth Assm Across the Lifespan
NU 427
Pathophysiology & Genomics
NU 450
Lead/Mang roles Prog Nsg Pra-W
NU 451
Current Issues/Trends Prof Nsg
NU 452
Clinical Preven & Pop Health
NU 453
Infor Manag & Tech in Hlthcare
NU 454
Research & EBP Practicum-W
NU 455
Concept Interprofessional Care
NU 460
NU 461
Integration Prof Practice W
NU 490
SpTp:Decision Making & Delegat
NU 496
Service Abroad Hlth Related EX
NU 499
NU Honors Senior Project-H
NU 500
Explore Culture Sexual Assault
NU 502
Sexual Assault Vic Practicum
NU 503
Trauma Care Sexual Assault Vic
NU 504
Adv Pharm Care Post Assault
NU 505
Sup Care Comorbid Post Assault
NU 509
Bioethics Advan Practice Nsg
NU 510
Addictions Practicum I
NU 511
Addictions Practicum II
NU 515
Clinical Concepts/CNS Role I
NU 516
Clinical Concepts/CNS Role lI
NU 518
Adv Nursing Assessment
NU 530
Bridge Adv Health Assessment
NU 531
Bridge Adv Pathophysiology
NU 532
Accel Adv Pharmacology
NU 535
Clin Ldr Role & Competencies
NU 536
Clin Nurse Ldr Pract I
NU 537
Clin Nurse Leader Synthesis
NU 538
Clinical Nrse Ldr Prac II
NU 539
Intro to Nursing Informatics
NU 545
Physio-Patho Basis of Adv Nsg
NU 553
Administrative Concepts
NU 554
Resource Manag Field Study
NU 556
Informatics & Qual Care Improv
NU 557
Clinical Informatics Pract I
NU 560
Adm & Mgt for Adv Nsg Practice
NU 561
Nursing Admin Concepts-Theory
NU 562
Admin Concepts & Res Mgt FS
NU 563
Exec Admin Clin Progression
NU 565
Nursing Administration Finance
NU 566
Nursing Admin Field Study
NU 569
Executive Admin Nsg Intensive
NU 570
Emergency NP I
NU 571
Emergency NP Practicum I
NU 572
Emergency NP II
NU 573
Emergency NP Practicum II
NU 576
Emergency NP IV
NU 577
Emergency NP Practicum IV
NU 578
Pharm Adv Practice Nurses
NU 579
Family/Emerg Nursing Intensive
NU 580
Hlth Promo & Ds Prev/FNP/ENP
NU 581
Family/Emergency NP I
NU 582
Family/Emerg NP Practicum I
NU 583
Family/Emergency NP II
NU 584
Family/ Emerg NP Practicum II
NU 585
Family/Emergency NP III
NU 586
Family/Emerg NP Practicum III
NU 587
Family/Emergency NP IV
NU 588
Family/Emerg NP Practicum IV
NU 590
Special Topics
NU 594
Directed Studies
NU 595
Study Abroad Cultural Exp
NU 597
Intro to Scholarly Writing
NU 600
Dnp Pp&D
NU 607
Scientif Underpinnings Adv Nsg
NU 608
EBP & Quality Improvement HCS
NU 610
Healthcare Policy and Finance
NU 611
Translat Evidence Practice Sys
NU 612
Clincial Prev Population Hlth
NU 613
Organizational & Sys Leadrshp
NU 615
Qual Improv & Outcomes Assmnt
NU 616
Data & Dec Mkng Healthcare Sys
NU 620
Prin Teach/Learn/Assess Nu Ed
NU 621
Curr Design/Outcome Eval Nu Ed
NU 622
Current Topics in Nu Education
NU 623
Nsg Educ Synthesis Practicum
NU 656
Nursing Informatics PP&D
NU 657
Nursing Informatic Residency I
NU 658
NU Informatics Residency II
NU 659
NU Informatics Residency III
NU 661
Executive Nsg Admin PP&D
NU 662
Nurse Exec Admin Res I
NU 663
Nurse Exec Admin Res II
NU 664
Nurse Exec Admin Res III
NU 680
Family/Emerg NP PP&D
NU 681
Family/Emerg NP Residency I
NU 682
Family/Emerg NP Residency II
NU 683
Family/Emerg NP Residency III
NU 690
Sp Tp-
NU 692
DNP Project Progression
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