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GEN 483 - Gen Attuned to Clin Residency

A curriculum will be designed jointly by the faculty-student to achieve a problem oriented and context specific agenda relevant to an anticipated clinical residency. The agenda will emphasize appropriate disorders where preventive medicine, genetics, teratology, dysmorphology, diagnostic DNA, cytogenetic and biochemical medical genetic laboratory applications are of importance. During mornings, the student will work in clinical settings relevant to the above. In the afternoons, the student will review background and other information needed to define a "genetic point of view" of a clinical disorder. The role of diagnostic, differential diagnosis, anticipatory care, reproductive risks and genetic counseling will be emphasized. The student will use departmental computer databases and printed materials, as well as those used for genetic counseling. The student will present a weekly clinical review and generate a written report summarizing a clinical disorder, to be of suitable quality as handouts for a COM II class or to be published as a short clinical contribution.
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