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SOAN 340 - Sociology of Gender

Approaches gender as a fundamental and persistent system of social stratification, as socially constructed categories that determine differential access to power, authority, and resources. Analyzes theory and research on the social production and maintenance of gender. Addresses the impact of race, social class, and sexuality on experiences of gender; considers how feminist, men's, transgender, and intersex movements have influenced changes in gender relations. Topics may include gender role socialization, concepts of femininity and masculinity, and the construction of gender in family, work, popular culture, and other social institutions. May be applied to the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies minor. Approved for University Studies (Integration - Strand J). Sophomore standing or above required. Grade mode designated on a CRN basis each term. Students should consult current term schedule.
GSWS Program Course, Univ Stud Diversity,etc Integ.
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