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HUMN 6049
Graduate Full-Time Status
HUMN 6100
Independent Study
HUMN 6200
Independent Study
HUMN 6300
Independent Study
HUMN 6303
HUMN 6316
The Human Experience: An Introduction to Graduate Liberal St...
HUMN 6319
Ethics And Literature
HUMN 6323
Creativity and Dreams
HUMN 6326
Indigenous Peoples' Rights in a Global Economy
HUMN 6338
The Fire of Transformation: Exploring the Mystical Life
HUMN 6340
Psychoanalysis and Religious Belief
HUMN 6341
The Ethical Implications of Children's Literature
HUMN 6396
Literature and the Culture of Disability
HUMN 6397
Troubled Youth in America
HUMN 7300
Dissertation Research and Writing
HUMN 7301
Greek Mythology and Literature
HUMN 7311
Capstone: Liberal Studies
HUMN 7330
Law And Literature
HUMN 7331
Getting Organized: Personhood In The Age Of Corporate Enterp...
HUMN 7336
Creativity: Historical and Personal
HUMN 7350
Special Topics in Humanities
HUMN 7356
Darwin In His Time And Ours
HUMN 7361
Spiritual and Mystical Paths of Today: A Multifaith Explorat...
HUMN 7362
The Art of Persuasive Writing: From Cicero to Churchill to T...
HUMN 7376
Latin American Literature And Culture: Revolution, Feminine...
HUMN 7379
Plants of the Gods: Religion and Psychedelics
HUMN 7382
Cultures of Displacement: The Writing of Race, Migration, an...
HUMN 7385
Transforming Our Educational DNA
HUMN 7386
Social Science Research Design for Liberal Studies
HUMN 7387
Liberal Studies Research-Based Writing
HUMN 7388
Seminar in Critical Methods and Cultural Theory
HUMN 7391
To Be Human: Perspectives on Common Historical Experience
HUMN 7392
To Be Human: The Transformation of the Psyche
HUMN 7393
To Be Human: The Art of Creativity and Expression
HUMN 7394
To Be Human: East Meets West - Intelligence, History, Cultur...
HUMN 7395
To Be Human: The Struggle for Human Rights
HUMN 7396
To Be Human: Science and Society
HUMN 7397
Under the Influence: Discourses of Intoxication, Addiction,...
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