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WLT 100dm
Introduction to Comparative Literature: Dreams, Magic and th...
WLT 100
Intro World Lit-Sublime Euro L
WLT 150
The Art of Translation: Poetics, Politics, Practice
WLT 177dp
Colloquium: Journeys in World Literatures-Dwelling Poeticall...
WLT 177
World Lit-Epic Worlds
WLT 178
Naughty Fictional Translators
WLT 202
Western Classics in Translation, from Homer to Dante
WLT 203
Western Classics in Translation, From Chr├ętien de Troyes to...
WLT 205
Contemporary African Literature and Film
WLT 212
Author, Authority, Authoritarianism: Writing and Resistance...
WLT 218
Holocaust Literature
WLT 232
Modern Chinese Literature
WLT 240
Imagining Black Freedom: African, Caribbean and African Amer...
WLT 264
WLT 266
St: S African Lit & Film-Modrn
WLT 270
Colloquium: Health and Illness: Literary Explorations
WLT 271
Writing In Translation
WLT 272
Composing a Self: Chinese and English Voices
WLT 273
Cold War Science Fiction
WLT 276
#Metoo: Sex, Gender & Power
WLT 300
Literary Theory and Literary Practice: Conflicts and Consens...
WLT 330
Capstone Seminar in Translation Studies
WLT 340
Sem: Narrating Anthropocene
WLT 341
Calderwood Seminar- Mobilities: How People, Goods and Inform...
WLT 400
Sp St:Translating Old English
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