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ANT 130
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 135
Introduction to Archaeology
ANT 200
Colloquium: Research Methods in Anthropology
ANT 211
Forcd Migratn, Humn Rights
ANT 221
Thinking From Things: Method, Theory and Practice in Archaeo...
ANT 223
Biopol/Pub Hlth/Med In E Asia
ANT 224
Anthropos In The Anthropocene
ANT 225
Language and Culture
ANT 226
Archaeology of Food
ANT 227
Othering: Race & Racisms
ANT 229
Africa and the Environment
ANT 233
History of Anthropological Theory
ANT 234
Culture, Power and Politics
ANT 236
Economy, Ecology & Society
ANT 237
Monuments, Materials and Models: The Archaeology of South Am...
ANT 238
Anthropology of the Body
ANT 241
Anthropology Of Development
ANT 242
The Anthropology Of Food
ANT 248
Medical Anthropology
ANT 249
Visual Anthropology
ANT 250
Anthropology Of Reproduction
ANT 252
City & Countryside In China
ANT 253
Intro E Asian Societ & Cultr
ANT 255
Dying And Death
ANT 257
Urban Anthropology
ANT 258
Performing Culture
ANT 267
Contemporary South Asia
ANT 269
Indigenous Cultures and the State in Mesoamerica
ANT 270
Native American Linguistics
ANT 273
Tourism, Development and Anthropology
ANT 274
The Anthropology of Religion
ANT 281
Modern Material Culture
ANT 300
Ethnographic Design
ANT 317
Landscape: Space, Place, Natur
ANT 333
Calderwood Seminar: Nature/Culture and Public Anthropology
ANT 340
Sem: Topc-Future
ANT 342
Sem:Topics-Biopower, Politics/
ANT 344
Sem:Topics-Medical Ethics
ANT 347pp
Seminar: Topics in Anthropology-Pondering Pottery
ANT 347
Sem: How We Inhabit The World
ANT 352
Sem:Topcs-Politics Of Language
ANT 353cc
Seminar: Topics in Anthropology-Cannabis as Catalyst
ANT 353dd
Seminar: Topics in Anthropology-Disability and Difference
ANT 353
Sem: Topc-Disabilty& Differnce
ANT 400
Special Studies
ANT 408D
Special Studies
ANT 430D
Honors Project
ANT 432D
Honors Project
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