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PLJ 1010
Ecclesiastical Latin I
PLJ 1020
Ecclesiastical Latin II
PLJ 1050
Catholic Doctrine
PLJ 2000
Introduction to Philosophy
PLJ 2010
Ecclesiastical Latin III
PLJ 2050
Catholic Morality
PLJ 2800
Biblical Greek I
PLJ 2930
Keyboard Theory
PLJ 3000
Logic and Epistemology
PLJ 3050
Liturgy and Sacraments I: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
PLJ 3055
Liturgy and Sacraments II: Reconciliation, Anointing of the...
PLJ 3060
Introduction to Scripture: Biblical Hermeneutics and Fundame...
PLJ 3100
Ancient Philosophy
PLJ 3150
Philosophy of Nature
PLJ 3200
Medieval Philosophy
PLJ 3300
Philosophical Anthropology
PLJ 3550
Church History I
PLJ 3555
Church History II
PLJ 3665
Music for Worship: Choir
PLJ 3930
The Priest in Literature
PLJ 4000
PLJ 4050
Catechism IV
PLJ 4100
Modern Philosophy
PLJ 4250
Natural Theology
PLJ 4310
PLJ 4350
Social-Political Philosophy
PLJ 4800
Contemporary Philosophy
PLJ 4900
Cultural Context: Sciences
PLJ 4930
Philosophy Elective: TBA
PLJ 4960
Capstone Project
PLJ 4965
Philosophy Capstone: Faith & Reason
PLJ 5900
Integration Seminar
PLJ 5930
Catholic Intellectual Heritage I
PLJ 5960
Capstone Project
PLJ 5980
Lonergan's Insight
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