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DSGN 100W - Writing Workshop: Design

Advanced writing course for design majors, based upon philosophical issues and current professional practices in design. Clear analytical and critical writing in examination of these topics. GE Area: ZPrerequisite(s): A3 or equivalent second semester composition course (with a grade of C- or better); Completion of core GE, satisfaction of Writing Skills Test or completion of ENGL 100A or LLD 100A with C or better; and upper division standing. Or Graduate or Postbaccalaureate level.Note(s): Must be passed with C or better to satisfy the CSU Graduation Writing Assessment requirement (GWAR). Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite(s): Upper division standing and completion of A3, ENGL 1B, HUM 2B, or equivalent with a C- or better. Or Graduate/PBAC standing.
Not a Service Learning Course SJSU Studies Z: Written Communication II
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