EEC 4211 - Integrated Math & Science

(4 Credits - 4 Hours) Prerequisite: EDG 3620 This course develops an understanding and integrated application of science and mathematical concepts for the appropriate stages of cognitive development of young children. Focus is given to exploring sequential math development, identifying how concepts are developed and acquired, and promoting the young children’s concept development through problem solving and assessing the child’s developmental level. Additional focus given to teaching science strategies using concept development, process of inquiry, planning for fundamental concepts in science including activities for young children at the appropriate stages of cognitive development, and utilizing appropriate current technology to support teaching and learning. This course includes a field experience component. This course requires fifteen (15) hours of field experience/observation in a classroom setting designated by Office of Teacher Education in the district of the student's choice within the college’s service area. The field experience is completed outside of the scheduled class meeting time.
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