EDUC 302 - Methods Instr

302-1 Clinical II, Methods of Instructional Practices. Clinical II, Methods of Instructional Practices, is the second clinical field experience course in the TEP for all majors seeking licensure. This course is taken concurrently with methods courses within the candidate's major. This field experience consists of five sessions of advanced technology use for student engagement and reflective teaching, in addition to clinical placement in public school classrooms where candidates will apply content and pedagogical knowledge and skills presented in content method courses. Prerequisites: EDUC 301 and EDUC 313 with a grade of C or above. Concurrent enrollment in EDUC 319.
DistEd, EH-SPED, UCLC, (TC57) EH-SPED UCLC crs, Dist Lrng / Off-Camp 2011+ Crs, Upper Division Course
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