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COUN 3321
Intro To Helping Relationship
COUN 3322
Career Development
COUN 3331
Intro To Principles Of Counsln
COUN 3332
Therapeutic Play Skills
COUN 4379
Wellness Counseling
COUN 5011
Counseling Profession & Ethics
COUN 5088
Adv Behavior & Psychopharm
COUN 5089
Independent Study in Counseling
COUN 5333
Schl Cnslng: Consltn,Coor,Coun
COUN 5334
Effective Human Behavior
COUN 5336
Adv Behavior Pharmacology
COUN 5364
Theories Of Counseling
COUN 5370
Career Cnsling Across Lifespan
COUN 5379
Methods Of Research
COUN 5385
Pre-Practicum:Tcnq Of Counslng
COUN 5391
Chld & Adolescent Counseling
COUN 5392
Cross Cultural Issues In Cne
COUN 5393
Community Counseling
COUN 5394
Crisis and Trauma Counseling
COUN 5397
Human Grwth & Dev Acrs Lfspan
COUN 5398
Sandtray Therapy
COUN 5399
Play Therapy Basics
COUN 6331
Advanced Play Therapy
COUN 6332
Theories: Mar, Cple & Fam Coun
COUN 6333
Techniques Of Cples Counseling
COUN 6335
Schl Cnslg:Ldrshp,Advcy,Accoun
COUN 6337
Counseling For Sexual Concerns
COUN 6338
Techniques of Family Coun
COUN 6350
Coun Ethics: Mgmt, Law, Prac
COUN 6363
Assessment Guid. & Counseling
COUN 6364
Counseling For Addictions
COUN 6370
Family Therapy Applications
COUN 6374
Group Counseling
COUN 6376
Supervised Prac In Counseling
COUN 6386
COUN 7089
Independent Study in Counselor Education
COUN 7110
Doctoral Seminar
COUN 7331
Advanced Counseling Theories
COUN 7332
Adv Counseling Appraisal Techn
COUN 7334
Theories Of Counselor Supervsn
COUN 7335
Practice Of Counselor Supervsn
COUN 7337
Adv Counslng Practicum & Techn
COUN 7339
Doctoral Internshp In Counslng
COUN 7362
Methods Of Counseling Resrch
COUN 7363
Application of Coun Research
COUN 7372
Qualitative Methodology
COUN 7373
Stat Methds-Counslr Edu Rsrch
COUN 7374
Multivariate Mthd-Cnslr Edu Rs
COUN 8033
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