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NURS 310
Lfspn Hlth Prom in Nur
NURS 330
PT CntrdCare:Fd of Nurs
NURS 331
Performance Outcms I
NURS 332
PTCntrdCare:Older Adlt
NURS 333
Health Assessment
NURS 334
NURS 335
Nursing Informatics
NURS 340
PTCntrdCare:Behav Hlth
NURS 341
Performance Outcms II
NURS 342
PTCntrdCare:AdltHlth I
NURS 344
Human Genetics w/Ethical Appl
NURS 430
PT Cntrd Cr:Child & Families
NURS 431
Performance Outcms III
NURS 432
PT CntrdCr:AdltHlth II
NURS 437
Nurs Rsrch&Evdnc-Based Pract
NURS 438
PTCntrdCare:Chldbearing Fmly
NURS 442
PT CntrdCr:Population Hlth
NURS 443
NURS 444
Capstone Immersion Experience
NURS 445
NCLEX-RN Preparation
ST:Recovery Coaching
NURS 510
Hlth Care Delivery Systems
NURS 512
Theoretical Foundation Nurs
NURS 513
Rsrch Mthds for Hlth Prfsnls
NURS 514
Rsrch Mthds for Hlth Prfsnls I
NURS 516
Rsrch Mthds for Hlth Prfsnl II
NURS 530
Nurs Leadership Internship I
NURS 532
Nurs Leadership Intern II
NURS 538
Diagnostic Reasoning
NURS 540
Adv Hlth Asmnt thrght Lifespan
NURS 541
Adv Pathophysiology
NURS 543
Diagnostic Reasoning
NURS 545
Primary Care-Women's Health
NURS 546
Primary Care-Peds & Family
NURS 547
Primary Care-Adult I
NURS 548
Primary Care-Adult II
NURS 549
Primary Care-Gerontology
NURS 550
Role Transition
ST:Recovery Coaching
NURS 614
Translating Rsrch into Pract I
NURS 618
Hlthcr Sys Quality & Imprvmnt
NURS 620
Strategic RsrcMgt/Nurs&Hlth Sy
NURS 622
Emerging Diseases & Popul Hlth
NURS 624
Ldrshp inComplex Hlth Sys
NURS 626
Statistical Inferences for EBP
NURS 630
DNP Project
NURS 632
DNP Practicum
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