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SLHS 300
Human Communicative Disorders
SLHS 651
Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
SLHS 652
SLHS 654
SLHS 655
Dynamics of Communication Development
Diagnosis of Communicative Disorders - GWAR
SLHS 657
Aural Rehabilitation
SLHS 658
Communication Development and Disorders
SLHS 659
Articulatory and Phonological Disorders
SLHS 661
SLHS 663
Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication
SLHS 664
Clinical Phonetics
SLHS 668
Typical and Atypical Social Communication Development
SLHS 680
Practicum in Communication Therapy
SLHS 701
Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Practices in Speech...
SLHS 706
Counseling in Communicative Disorders
SLHS 707
Advanced Seminar in Language Disorders in Children
SLHS 708
Neurogenic Disorders of Language
SLHS 709
Seminar in Motor Speech Disorder
SLHS 710
Seminar in Dysphagia
SLHS 711
Seminar in Therapy for Functional Communicative Disorders
SLHS 712
Medical Internship Seminar: Communicative Disabilities
SLHS 713
Seminar in Therapy for Organic Communicative Disorders
SLHS 715
Advanced School Internship
SLHS 725
School Internship Seminar: Communication Disabilities
SLHS 753
Fluency and Voice Disorders
SLHS 756
Right Hemisphere Syndrome, TBI, Dementia in Communicative Di...
SLHS 768
Advanced Clinical Skills
SLHS 880
Advanced Communication Therapy
SLHS 882
Advanced Medical Internship
SLHS 884
Advanced Diagnosis in Communicative Disorders
Culminating Experience Examination
SLHS 898
Master's Thesis in Communicative Disorders
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