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ITEC 299
How to Learn with Your Mobile Device
ITEC 315
Learning 21st Century Skills with Emerging Instructional Tec...
ITEC 333
Digital Pioneers: Creating Innovative Digital Entrepreneurs
ITEC 711
Instructional Computing in Elementary Schools
ITEC 720
Fieldwork in Educational Technology
ITEC 740
Computer Design Of Instructional Graphics I
ITEC 800
Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Technologies
ITEC 801
Introduction to Learning Design, Design Thinking, and Innova...
ITEC 805
Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation
ITEC 816
Computer Resource Specialist
ITEC 818
Digital Game Play Design for Learning
ITEC 825
Digital Product Usability Testing
ITEC 830
Design of Learning Environments with Emerging Technologies
ITEC 833
Instructional Products Design Studio
ITEC 850
Design and Management of Training Projects
ITEC 865
Fundamentals of Designing Interactive E-Learning Courses
ITEC 894
Creative Work
ITEC 895
Field Study
ITEC 899
Independent Study In Instructional Technologies
ITEC 9810
Instructional Design for E-Learning (1.8CEU)
ITEC 9815
Multimedia Production for E-Learning
ITEC 9820
Writing for Instructional Designers (1.5CEU)
ITEC 9825
Adaptive Prototyping in E-Learning (1.8CEU)
ITEC 9830
Developing Content For E-Learning (1.5 Ceu)
ITEC 9835
E-Learning Evaluation & Usability Testing(1.2CEU)
ITEC 9840
Managing Learning Systems (1.2CEU)
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