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BUS 682 - Seminar on Business and Society

Prerequisites: Restricted to senior Business majors; BUS 300GW* or DS 660GW*, and MGMT 405* with grades of C- or better.Dialogues and case study analyses of business and its interaction with the ethical, legal, public policy, social, technological, and environmental effects on individual stakeholders in managing the business enterprise in domestic and global societies. (Plus-minus letter grade only). Class Notes: * See University Bulletin or department for concurrent enrollment requirements and/or prerequisites. * LM 03: Online Bichronous (blend of on-demand and real-time) Classes -- This is a bichronous online course that blends primarily asynchronous learning with a small number of required online or in-person real-time sessions, usually scheduled for a course orientation and exams. These real-time sessions will only happen during the time noted in the class schedule, and students should check the course syllabus to learn the dates for the real-time sessions, and whether they will happen online or in-person. This course has 3 required meeting sessions that meet synchronously online. These sessions will all be held on Friday's from 09:30am to 12:15pm. The required meeting dates for this class are: 8/27, 10/8 and 12/3. Please see course syllabus or speak to the instructor for more information. Enrollment Requirements: Must be senior Business majors and have completed BUS 300GW or DS 660GW, and MGMT 405, each with a grade of C- or better, to enroll in this course.
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