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MGT 352
Human Resource Management
MGT 353
Creativity & Innovation
MGT 355
Internat Entrepreneurship
MGT 357
Multinatl Bus & Comp Mgmt
MGT 358
Fundmntls Of Entrepnrshp
MGT 401
Business Internship
MGT 434
Business Negotiation
MGT 444
Bus Ethics& Corp Govrnc
MGT 452
Family Business Mgt
MGT 455
Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 459
Franchise Management
MGT 460
Business Plan Development
MGT 461
Human Resource Selection
MGT 462
MGT 463
Performance Mgt
MGT 464
Legal Issues Managing Emp
MGT 466
International Hrm
MGT 467
Diversity Issues
MGT 475
Leadership In Orgs
MGT 496
Human Resource Analytics
MGT 498
Investigation & Report
MGT 710
Sem Wrld Business Envirmt
MGT 722
Sem Bus Eth & Soc Inst
MGT 724
MGT 729
Sem: Global Business Proj
MGT 744
Sem Managing Growing Firm
MGT 746
Sem Corporate Governance
MGT 748
Seminar Intl Entrepreneur
MGT 797
MGT 798
Special Study
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