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WRIT 101
Reading as Writers
WRIT 157
Elements of Poetry
WRIT 162
The Art of Fiction
WRIT 177
The Art of Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 178
The Short Story
WRIT 205
Writing for Arts and Entertainment
WRIT 210
Promotional Writing
WRIT 235
Multi-platform and Immersive Storytelling
WRIT 255
Problem Solving for Corporate and Brand Storytelling
WRIT 262
Fiction Writing: Conflict and Character in the Novel
WRIT 277
Nonfiction Writing II: Elements of Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 285
Story Research
WRIT 315
Approaches to Historical Fiction and Historical Nonfiction
WRIT 320
The Art Of Story Writing
WRIT 322
Writing About Place
WRIT 330
Writing About Fashion
WRIT 345
Convergent Journalism
WRIT 350
Writing the Critical Review
WRIT 355
Writing for Emerging Media: Storytelling in the Digital Land...
WRIT 362
Fiction Writing: Voice and Revision
WRIT 377
Nonfiction Writing III: Advanced Style and Form
WRIT 385
Magazine Journalism
WRIT 405
Writing for the Corporate World
WRIT 410
Literary Journalism
WRIT 425
Autobiography and Memoir
WRIT 432
Writing Literary Humor: Sad is Easy; Funny is Hard
WRIT 435
Visiting Writer: Professional Direction
WRIT 440
Genre Literature: Aliens to Zombies and Everything in Betwee...
WRIT 455
Writing for New Media II: Ethical and Cultural Significance
WRIT 465
Writing the Serial Narrative
WRIT 480
Portfolio: Professional Storytelling and Practices for Write...
WRIT 703
Writing for Digital Communication
WRIT 705
Techniques of Fiction
WRIT 707
The Art of the Sentence
WRIT 713
Nonfiction I: Analysis of Creative Nonfiction
WRIT 722
Approaches to Writing About Place
WRIT 723
Nonfiction II: Mastery of Style, Voice, and Subject
WRIT 725
Persuasive Writing
WRIT 730
Fashion Writing
WRIT 732
Laugh to Keep from Crying: Writing Literary Humor
WRIT 735
Visiting Writer: Professional Practices And Publication
WRIT 743
Professional Writing for Business Applications
WRIT 745
Multimedia Journalism
WRIT 750
Approaches to the Critical Review
WRIT 753
Freelance Writing for Publication
WRIT 763
The Publishing Process
WRIT 773
Public/Media Relations Writing and Strategy
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