LWVL 598 - Judicial Externship

1-4 credit(s), P/F Graded Requirement(s): Experiential Concentration(s): Criminal Litigation (JD), Civil Litigation (JD) The Judicial Externship Program allows students to receive academic credit for working with judges in state or federal trial or appellate courts. Students must work 50 hours per unit of credit, and may enroll for 1-6 credits. In addition to the work component of the program, students are required to participate in an online classroom component through the Blackboard system. The online classroom component consists primarily of the posting of biweekly journals summarizing the externship work during each two-week period. The Faculty Supervisor for the Judicial Externship course will review, comment, and score each posted journal. Students can secure their own externship position or can meet with Professor Shaun Martin for guidance in securing a placement. The externship is graded on a pass/fail basis. Students must receive approval from Professor Martin to register for this program.
Law - Experiential
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