LWVL 550 - Education and Disability Clinic I

H/P/L/F Graded Requirement(s): Experiential Concentration(s): Health Law (JD), Children's Rights (JD) Students receive practical training and experience in client intake, interviewing and counseling, file review and analysis, and legal representation in diverse forums. Some cases proceed to mediation and due process hearings, where students argue the case with support from the supervising attorney. Weekly group meetings are combined with individual case conferences to provide intensive personal training in case management. The classroom component also includes an overview of statutes and cases in this growing area of civil law. The clinic is graded on a 4-tier Pass-Fail basis. No prerequisites. Recommended: Special Education and the Law. Note: This clinic may be applied towards the three required clinic credits for the Children's Rights Concentration (JD). There are limitations on JD concentration eligibility. Please check the Health Law Concentration web page for more information.
Law - Experiential
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