COUN 588P - Practicum: School

In the school-based counseling practicum students demonstrate knowledge of and skills in personal/social, academic, and career development domain assessments, and individual and group interventions appropriate to K?12 counseling settings. Course includes a minimum of 100 clock hours of practicum experience that includes a combination of individual and group counseling related to personal/ social, academic, and career development issues; job shadowing with credentialed school counselors; observing and being a participant-observer of group dynamics in various school settings; participating in classroom guidance activities; attending meetings directly relevant to the functioning of a counseling staff and/or counseling center; and planning, implementing, and evaluating systemic interventions related to the organization and administration of comprehensive counseling and guidance programs. At least 40 hours of the practicum experience involves direct client contact. Prerequisites: COUN 504, and either COUN 503 or 520 must also be taken before this course and the remaining course taken concurrently.
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