ARTH 384 - Seminar

Discussion, research and writing focus in-depth on topics that shift each semester. Recent topics have included: Caravaggio and Baroque Italy; Rubens and Rembrandt; Printmaking in the History of Art; Renaissance to Revolution; Old Masters in the Modern Museum; Picturing East and West; Envisioning the Orient; Colonialism and Art History; Ends of Art: Histories of the Fin de Siècle; Matisse and Picasso; Soviet Art; The American Home, 1850-1950; What is American Art?; Problems in Art History of the US; Whitman, Warhol: Democratic Culture; Collections, Collecting, Collectors: History, Theory, Madness; Li(v)es of the Artist: Biography and Art History; Theories of Word and Image; Art Now. Seminars are often taught by visiting art historians and curators and, when possible, draw on the resources of San Diego’s museums and collections. Prerequisites: Any two ARTH courses.
Advanced writing competency, Artistic Inquiry area
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