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COSC 117
Programming Fundamentals
COSC 118
Introductory Scientific Programming
COSC 119
Introduction To Web Development
COSC 120
Computer Science I
COSC 220
Computer Science II
COSC 250
Microcomputer Organization
COSC 320
Advanced Data Structures And Algorythm Analysis
COSC 330
Oo Design Patterns And Gui/Event-Driven Programming
COSC 350
Systems Software
COSC 362
Theory Of Computation
COSC 370
Computer Networks
COSC 380
COSC 385
Directed Study
COSC 386
Database Design And Implementation
COSC 390
Undergrad Research Project
COSC 420
High-Performance Computing
COSC 422
Organization Of Programming Languages
COSC 425
Software Engineering I
COSC 426
Software Engineering II
COSC 432
Compiler Construction
COSC 450
Operating Systems
COSC 472
Network Security
COSC 482
Computer Graphics
COSC 490
Special Topics
COSC 495
Directed Consulting
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