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PHIL 291 - Dialogue and Civil Discourse

Participants in a democracy should have the skills to identify and evaluate arguments from various perspectives on contemporary social and political issues. They must also be able to articulate their own views clearly and engage with the views of others who disagree. In this course, we will develop skills to engage in constructive dialogue with others who have different views on social and political issues. We will engage a controversial contemporary issue each week (for example: abortion, free speech and safe spaces on campus, immigration, religion in the public space). Background readings will consist |of contemporary media articles drawn from a range of sources and viewpoints. Students will investigate their own core assumptions and beliefs about key issues and will listen to the views and experiences of others in the class. Occasional guest speakers will model civil discourse by discussing issues from differing perspectives. Assignments will consist of keeping a journal of the course experience and developing a class-led event to share the skills of dialogue and civil discourse with the broader campus community. Prerequisite: completion of the Philosophical Worldviews Sophia Program.
LO3:Intercultural Competence A, LO3:Intercultural Competence B, LO3: Social Responsibility B
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