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MUS 209 - Digital Media in Music

Students will increase their knowledge of how current digital media interacts with the field of music, and in particular will develop their digital skills in music notation, digital audio/sequencing, and video recording/editing, supported by hands-on projects, presentations, and field trips. The course is intended for all music majors, both Music Ed. and BA. Two units will allow individualized focus on topics most relevant to each student’s interests and career goals, including specialized software, computer-assisted instruction and online courses, and website design. The Indiana P–12 Developmental Standards and the ISTE.NETS (International Society for Technology in Education National Educational Technology Standards for Students) performance indicators will provide the basis for Music Education majors to evaluate software, online resources, and digital sharing and communication, as well as for the design of all individual projects. Required for all music majors. Fulfills the EDUC 220 requirement for Music Education Majors. Prerequisite MUS 181.
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