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Becoming American
Saint Mary's Writers
Introduction to Literarature: Dialogue
ENLT 151
Introduction to Literature: Latina Literature
ENLT 201
Introduction to Literary Studies
Introduction to Literary Studies
ENLT 211
Animals in Lit and Society
ENLT 216
Literature of Social Justice
ENLT 217
Contemp Women's Fiction
ENLT 232
Arthurian Literature
ENLT 244
Tolkien & Modern Fantasy
ENLT 251
African-American Literature
ENLT 253
Native American Literature
ENLT 255
Women of Genius
ENLT 278
From Fiction to Film
ENLT 290
Digital Humanities Project Lab
ENLT 303
History of the Book
ENLT 304
History of the English Language
ENLT 311
Medieval Literature
ENLT 312
ENLT 314
16th/17th Century British Lit
ENLT 315
ENLT 316
Shakespeare and the Power of Art
ENLT 327
18th-Cent British Novel: Women
ENLT 328
18th-Century British Literature
ENLT 330
Romantic Movements
ENLT 332
Romantic Era Feminism
ENLT 333
Victorian Literature
ENLT 336
19th-Cent Brit Novel:Victorian
ENLT 351
19th-Century American Literature
ENLT 352
20th-Century American Lit
ENLT 362
Contemporary Global Literature
ENLT 366
Postcolonial Womens Writing
ENLT 375
Contemporary American Poetry
ENLT 385
Critical Theory
ENLT 390
Walt Whitman amd American Lit
ENLT 415
Shakespeare and the World
ENLT 431
Restoration and 18th-Century British Drama: Script to Stage
ENLT 451
American Poetry & Poetics
ENLT 455
Emily Dickinson
ENLT 495
Senior Literature Seminar
ENLT 497
Independent Study
ENLT 998
Advanced Writing Proficiency
ENLT 999
Senior Comprehensive
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