SMED 40450 - Schools & Society: Foundations for Secondary Teaching (with service learning)

This introductory course addresses a number of foundational questions in the field of education, including: Who goes to school and for what purposes? What is taught and who decides? How are schools organized and who funds them? How are schools different now than they were 100 years ago? What legal precedents and reform movements have shaped education today? How are schools in the United States similar to and different from those abroad? In addition to reading and discussing works by seminal scholars in the field of education, students will also be required to engage in a field-based service-learning project in order to build a bridge between theory and practice. Students are expected to spend 3 hours/week in the field engaged in their project. Placements will be facilitated by the Office of Field Experiences.
Catalog Course, Undergrad Lvl crses 0-499
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