SMED 01284 - Introduction to Instruction & Assessment for the Music Educator

The course provides an introduction and practice of instructional planning and assessment in the music classroom K-12. Built on the content and philosophy developed in Principles of Pedagogies in the Inclusive Classroom, this course is a broad overview of the field of music education K-12. Standards, philosophies, theories, and teaching and learning principles in Music Education are foundational content in the course. This will enable Music Education students to continue developing a personal teaching philosophy which was begun in the prerequisite course, Foundations of Music Education. The candidates will develop knowledge and skills to plan instruction based on how children learn music and assess their learning by designing, reviewing, and reflecting on varied assessments of student learning typically used in the music classroom K-12. This course is offered both fall and spring semester. This course includes field visits to varying music classroom representative of the breadth of responsibilities a music teacher may have throughout a career in music education. (i.e., elementary general music classrooms, secondary instrumental and choral classrooms, secondary specialized and general music classes in the public schools in South Jersey)
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