SMED 01282 - Introduction to Instruction & Assessment in the Art Classroom

This course provides an introduction to instruction and assessment for the visual art classroom, K-8. Built on the learning community philosophy introduced in the course, Principles and Pedagogies in the Inclusive Classroom, this course is a broad overview of the field of Art Education. Standards, philosophies, theories, and teaching and learning principles that underpin Art Education are introduced to enable teacher candidates to develop a personal philosophy of how children learn and what teachers need to do to support and assess their learning. Candidates learn to write lesson plans with rich artistic content and activities that advance a child’s artistic abilities and supports their cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth. Candidates will also learn to design assessments most often used by visual arts teachers to measure student progress and inform future planning and practice. A field component is required wherein Art Education students examine the context and culture of a middle school art classroom, and co-teach one art lesson from a lesson set they have designed.
Catalog Course, Undergrad Lvl crses 0-499
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