HIST 05510 - Readings And Research In History I

This course is one of two courses, along with Readings and Research in History II, designed to strengthen the skills of students in historical research, writing, and analysis. It will expose students to key recent theoretical influences on professional historians, cover key developments in historiography from ancient times through the beginning of the twentieth century, and provide students with brief surveys of the major issues, including both classic and contemporary debates, within regionalized subfields of European and Global history. The course will provide students with opportunities for peer presentations, discussion, and leadership not necessarily available in other graduate courses. This course is required for all students enrolled in the Master's program in History and is a prerequisite for 600 level graduate courses but not for other 500 level graduate courses, including Readings and Research in History II. This course is usually offered once a year.
Grad Catalog Course, Graduate Lvl crses 500 and up
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