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HIST 05075
Gen Ed History Course
HIST 05100
West Civ To 1660-Clio
HIST 05101
Western Civilization Since 1660
HIST 05120
World History Since 1500
HIST 05150
Us Hist To 1865-Clio
HIST 05151
United States Since 1865
HIST 05273
American Military History, 1775-Present
HIST 05306
Historical Methods-WI
HIST 05307
Ancient Mediterranean World
HIST 05308
Modern Middle East
HIST 05310
Medieval Europe
HIST 05312
Age Of Enlightenment 1648-1789
HIST 05315
Twentieth Century Europe I
HIST 05316
Twentieth Century Europe II
HIST 05319
Ancient Greece
HIST 05322
Civil War And Reconstruction
HIST 05328
Colonial North America 1500-1775
HIST 05334
US Urban History
HIST 05338
Honr Amer War To War 1914-1945
HIST 05339
The American Revolution And Early Republic, 1775-1828
HIST 05343
Russia To 1914
HIST 05344
Russia Since 1914
HIST 05350
Modern Latin America
HIST 05351
Modern Japan
HIST 05355
Modern China
HIST 05371
U.S. Legal And Constitutional History To 1870
HIST 05372
U.S. Legal And Constitutional History Since 1870
HIST 05373
Civil Rights/Black Power Movements
HIST 05375
America Since 1945: The Modern Era
HIST 05376
Afro-American History To 1865
HIST 05383
Islamic Civilization
HIST 05394
Sub-Saharan Africa To 1800
HIST 05397
Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1800
HIST 05407
History Of World War II
HIST 05408
Chinese Cultural History
HIST 05411
Topics In Latin American History
HIST 05412
Intellectual History Of The U.S.
HIST 05414
Diplomatic History Of The U.S. To 1900
HIST 05415
Diplomatic History Of The U.S. Since 1900
HIST 05419
Women In Modern Europe
HIST 05420
British Empire/Commonwealth
HIST 05422
Women In American History
HIST 05425
History Of Feminisms
HIST 05429
St:Nazi Camp
HIST 05437
Twentieth Century African Nationalism
HIST 05439
Ottoman History
HIST 05441
Imperialism And Colonialism
HIST 05443
Tp Glbl Hist:Comp Genocide
HIST 05447
History of Medicine in Africa
HIST 05475
History Of New Jersey
HIST 05480
Public History
HIST 05492
HIST 05493
Independent Study
HIST 05495
Internship In History
HIST 05506
Research Methods in History
HIST 05510
Readings And Research In History I
HIST 05511
Colloquium In American History I
HIST 05512
Readings And Research In History II
HIST 05514
Colloquium In American History II
HIST 05516
Colloquium In American History III
HIST 05522
Colloquium In European History I
HIST 05523
Colloquium In European History II
HIST 05524
Colloquium In European History III
HIST 05531
Colloquium In Global History I
HIST 05533
Colloquium In Global History II
HIST 05545
History of Crime
HIST 05563
Twentieth Century American History Seminar
HIST 05573
Modern European History Seminar
HIST 05601
Master's Thesis In History I
HIST 05602
Master's Thesis In History II
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