MULT 1443 - Photo Restoration

This course in digital imagining is designed for students who have an intermediate knowledge of photo editing software. This course prepares students to salvage historical images and correct contemporary images that have time or damage related issues. Through the use of photo editing software, the student will correct the color and/or black and white balance of multiple images, modify foregrounds and backgrounds of challenging images, correct pixilation content where images are distorted, develop high quality images to promote and sell products through this dynamic medium, and various other editing issues will be covered. Lab Fee $10.00 Prerequisite(s): MULT 1413 or instructor permission if the student can demonstrate that they have at least a minimum of an intermediate skill level with photo editing software. Class Notes: This is a hybrid class. It will meet every Tuesday and Thursday on campus and partially online via the Internet. It is essential that you visit the Internet web courses page at: for current information and requirements regarding our Internet courses. Enrollment Requirements: MULT 1443 PHOTO RESTORATION - STUDENT MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE MULT 1413 DIGITAL IMAGING OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR IF STUDENT CAN DEMONSTRATE THEY HAVE A MINIMUM OF INTERMEDIATE SKILL LEVEL WITH PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE.
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