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FINC 251
Personal Finance
FINC 331
Introduction to Business Finance
FINC 332
Intermediate Business Finance
FINC 333
Financial Modeling
FINC 335
Financial Markets and Institutions
FINC 336
Principles of Real Estate
FINC 341
Insurance I
FINC 361
Financial Innovation: Features and Applications
FINC 381
Investment Analysis
FINC 436
Real Estate Finance
FINC 438
Financial Decision Making
FINC 439
International Finance
FINC 441
Individual and Business Insurance Planning
FINC 471
Scholar Citizen: Seminar: Criminalizing Corporations: Bad Bu...
FINC 472
IS: Insurance for Self-Employ
FINC 481
Portfolio Wealth Management
FINC 488
Variance of Mutual Funds in Different Economic Environments
FINC 490
Finance Internship
FINC 631
Financial Management
FINC 651
Financial Analytics: Applications for Data Analysis and Port...
FINC 671
Special Topics in Finance
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