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OT 101
Introduction to Allied Health Professions
OT 605
Functional Anatomy of the Limbs and Trunk
OT 610
Fundamentals of the Occupational Therapy Process
OT 612
Neuroscience for Occupational Therapy
OT 615
Occupations Across the Lifespan
OT 621
Gerontological Concepts
OT 622
Occupational Performance Adaptations I
OT 623
Occupational Performance Adaptation II
OT 624
Occupational Performance Adaptations III
OT 634
Research and Evidence in Clinical Practice
OT 635
Evidence Based Practice I
OT 636
Evidence Based Practice II
OT 643
Biomechanical Approaches in Occupational Therapy
OT 644
Occupational Therapy for Mental Health
OT 645
Occupational Therapy for Adults with Neurological Dysfunctio...
OT 646
Occupational Therapy for Infants, Children, and Youth
OT 651
Experiential Learning in Context I
OT 652
Experiential Learning in Context II
OT 653
Experiential Learning in Context III
OT 654
Experiential Learning in Context IV
OT 658
Healthcare Management
OT 660
Mental Health Clinic
OT 661
Applied Clinical Treatment and Management
OT 670
Fieldwork Experience II
OT 675
Fieldwork Experience: Pediatrics
OT 676
Fieldwork Experience: Specialty Area
OT 700
Professional Craft Knowledge and Expertise
OT 712
Leadership in Healthcare
OT 713
Management in Healthcare
OT 720
Teaching and Learning Across Contexts
OT 724
Occupational Therapy for Populations and Health Promotion
OT 732
Ethics in Healthcare
OT 738
Emerging Practice in Occupational Therapy
OT 740
Doctoral Thesis I
OT 741
Doctoral Thesis II
OT 750
Residency Through Experiential Learning I
OT 751
Residency Through Experiential Learning II
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