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CE 100
Topics And Contemporary Issues In Civil And Environmental En...
CE 209
Fundamentals Of Surveying
CE 310
CE 321
Highway Engineering
CE 332
Professionalism, Economics & Construction Project Delivery
CE 335
Engineering Mechanics Of Soils
CE 336
Materials Science For Civil Engineers
CE 337
Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
CE 340
Structural Analysis
CE 342
Design Of Steel Structures
CE 360
Fluid Mechanics
CE 370
Introduction To Environmental Engineering
CE 371
Water And Wastewater Treatment
CE 396
Independent Studies
CE 410
Sustainable Residential Subdivision Design
CE 411
Residential Construction Design Project
CE 423
Traffic Operations
CE 432
Construction Project Management
CE 435
Foundation Engineering
CE 436
Construction Engineering Materials
CE 441
Structural Design Of Foundations
CE 461
Water-Resource Engineering
CE 462
Open Channel Hydraulics
CE 479
Environmental Microbiology For Engineers
CE 494H
Honors Senior Thesis
CE 496
Independent Studies
CE 497
Special Topics
CE 512
Soil Mechanics II
CE 525
Transportation Operations
CE 536
Topics In Biogeochemistry
CE 538
Earthquake Resistant Design Of Buildings
CE 539
Approximate Methods Of Structural Analysis
CE 561
Surface Hydrology
CE 570
Environmental Aquatic Chemistry
CE 573
Environmental Organic Chemistry
CE 576
Environmental Transport Processes
CE 582
Pavement Design And Analysis
CE 590
CE 591
Environmental Engineering Seminar
CE 592
Environmental Engineering & Science Topics
CE 596
Individual Studies
CE 597
Special Topics
CE 600
Thesis Research
CE 601
Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time
CE 610
Thesis Research Off Campus
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