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THR 357 - Are You For Sale? Performance Making, Philanthropy and Ethics

In this class we study the relationships between performance-making, philanthropy and ethics. How are performing artists financing their work, and what does this mean in relationship to economic and social justice? How did we arrive to the current conditions of arts funding? What is the connection between wealth and giving and when are those ties inherently questionable? What is at stake in the debate of public versus private support? Does funding follow artists' concerns or delimit them?. The class takes an embodied approach to learning to remind us that as we talk about these abstract ideas about money, labor, ethics we are talking about people and 'worth' as assigned to bodies (people). This means we will spend part of each class grounding ourselves in our bodies through simple physical and vocal warmups and sometimes in-class work will involve movement. Grading: Other 45% = In-Class Assignments and Reading Summaries. Weekly reading assignments (approx. 70 pp/week) and short writing assignments based on readings. Mid-semester oral presentations and final written and creative project.
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