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MED 316 - Christians and Incarceration

Christianity and incarceration have a long and storied history. One way of telling the history of Christianity is through its changing relationship to the carceral practices and geographies. The course explores the changing relationship between Christians and carceral practices and geographies throughout its history, beginning at the origins of what became Christianity in 1st century Palestine and ending with the 2017 Alabama State Legislature's passing of a bill allowing churches to police their communities. Email, your interest in the course, relevant academic background and your year. Mandatory class trip over fall break to Montgomery, Alabama. Any course travel is tentative, and will take place only if the travel restrictions related to COVID-19 have changed and the University has resumed support for domestic and international travel. 75-220 pgs. of reading per week, regular participation in the seminar, one (3-5 pg) written podcast proposal due at mid-term, student in-class presentations, and a 20-minute podcast due on Dean's date.
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