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MED 206 - Medieval Asian Worlds: Korea, Japan, China, Inner and South Asia 300 CE-1700 CE

This course explores the Middle Ages (300-1700) of the East Asian world (China, Japan, and Korea) as well as the varying links between these polities and Inner and South Asia. Particular focus will be devoted to the rise of Buddhist notions of kingship in South Asia and their transmission to the major states of Inner and East Asia, as well as the rise of notions of ethnicity, and the creation of distinct states and cultures of China, Korea and Japan. Topics will be chronological, emphasizing the movements of ideas and peoples, with a framework centered on influential figures who propagated the spread of goods and ideas across borders. This course is co-taught by Professor Conlan and graduate student Soojung (Sooji) Han through the Collaborative Teaching Initiative. Three short papers, 30% (10% each paper); attendance & participation, 20%; mid-term examination, 15%. The final exam (35%) will have two components: 20% of your grade will be a take home final which must be handed within 24 hours, and the remaining 15% will constitute a 3-minute video analyzing an individual or sources.
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