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PYDI 1030 - Thinking for Yourself

All educated people rightly value being able to think for themselves. This requires some understanding of the principles of good reasoning as well as the courage and confidence to question authority and the "received opinions" of the group. Builds on the skills of the First Year Seminar to help students become aware of themselves as critical thinkers in a society where critical thinking is crucial for us as informed citizens and responsible participants in the business of the community. Students apply the principles of good reasoning—including fallacy-spotting and assessment of evidence—to the arguments and persuasive techniques of political leaders, advertisers, talk show hosts, news analysts, entertainers and others. Through short papers, oral reports, class discussions and debates, students apply the lessons of good critical thinking to some of the most important issues of the day. Falls and Springs. (SSDI)
Auditable at Half Price, Philosophical Perspective, Self and Society Direction
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